The Teacher's Tool Kit For Literacy

Part 2: Evidence Based Teaching, What Is It? with Misty Adoniou

Episode Summary

In this podcast episode, Misty Adoniou discusses evidence-based teaching, emphasising that teachers are not time-poor because of lesson planning but due to administrative tasks. She highlights the importance of understanding learning theories and criticises the neglect of Australia's educational history. Adoniou urges teachers to trust their expertise and advocate for evidence-based practices.

Episode Notes

In this thought-provoking podcast episode, Misty Adoniou and Phil delve into the intricacies of evidence-based teaching, exploring its history and current challenges. 

Misty challenges the misconception that teachers simply need ready-made materials to alleviate their time constraints, asserting that teachers are time-poor due to administrative burdens, not lesson planning. She emphasises the importance of evidence-based teaching, which involves adapting instruction based on observable student needs, rather than blindly following pre-made lesson plans.

Misty traces the evolution of educational theories over the past 80 years, from behaviourism to nativism to social interactionism, highlighting Australia's leadership in literacy education since the 1980s. She laments the decline of curriculum advisory expertise within education departments, advocating for a return to collaborative, evidence-based approaches among educators, universities, and policymakers.

The conversation also touches on the detrimental impact of commercialisation in education and the unintended consequences of standardised testing like NAPLAN. Misty encourages teachers to maintain their scientific inquiry mindset, collect data on interventions, and demand evidence-based practices rather than succumbing to commercialised solutions.

Finally, Misty celebrates teachers as scientists in their own right, urging them to trust their expertise and resist external pressures. She emphasises the need for autonomy and professional judgment in teaching, reinforcing the message that educators are integral to shaping effective, evidence-based practices in the classroom.








Thank you to Misty for her dedication to education, and support for the teaching profession.



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