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True Tasks: The Importance and Power of Read Alouds

Episode Summary

Literacy expert Sharon Callen talks about the power of reading aloud for literacy growth and development in young people.

Episode Notes

What do we mean by ‘Read Alouds’? These are texts are beyond the independent reading ability of children, and are read by a fluent adult reader - it’s best if it is the teacher at school or a parent at home. 

Listening to stories online are another way to hear fluent renderings of texts. 

Every day, the teacher reads aloud materials that are at the students' listening level, but usually above their independent reading level.

The amazing power of Read Alouds

Reading aloud has a big impact on literacy growth and development. 

We talk about our own experiences as well as the role of the teacher and the student in ensuring this powerhouse experience can do it’s maximum work, for little energy, cost and/or time. It is a surprisingly underutilised strategy across the primary years of schooling. 

Teachers can’t afford to not have it in your daily repertoire of experiences.

Why are Read Alouds important?

To improve students' listening skills, reading comprehension and attitudes toward reading, and to build vocabulary. It also:

How to do Read Alouds:

Which Read Alouds are most important?

Choices of text could include: 

How do we get Read Alouds going?

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