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Transformative Tracking: The Reader's Notebook

Episode Summary

Literacy expert Sharon Callen talks about how teachers can help students use a Reader's Notebook to meaningfully engage with their reading.

Episode Notes

How can teachers help their students write meaningfully about their reading, instead of writing answers to predetermined questions, which typically produce low levels of thinking and engagement? 

This is where the Reader's Notebook comes in. 

What is the Reader's Notebook?

It is a book where students write, draw, detail, describe, explore, organise, ponder, problem solve, record and share their thinking in response to texts heard, read and viewed.

The  Reader's Notebook helps students 'learn to remember to hold onto their thinking’ (Zimmerman).

It is intentional, and gives students a record of their development as a reader. It is a place to 

Why is the Reader’s Notebook important?

Our reflections are the making of deeper meaning and richer understandings. Our reflections are our dreams, our ideas, our questions, our initiatives, our visions - our journey of lifelong learning.

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