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Teaching Writing Effectively with Alan Wright

Episode Summary

Expert educator Alan Wright joins the podcast to chat about how to teach writing with more impact.

Episode Notes

Many teachers often struggle to put together writing sessions that are meaningful to students. So we've brought in expert educator Alan Wright to help with this challenge.

Alan Wright is a creative, committed education consultant and author who has worked extensively in the United States and Australia, promoting best practice in primary and secondary schools and at a systems level.

Based in New York (2001-2006), Alan worked across primary, middle and high schools supporting teachers, school districts, regions and school leadership teams, effecting improved learning outcomes for students in literacy.

Working with the New York Board of Education he provided training for literacy coaches for NYC schools, writing curriculum resources, producing instructional videos and providing professional development institutes for teachers across the city.

As an educator within the Victorian school system Alan worked as a classroom teacher, staff developer, regional consultant and school administrator (Assistant Principal and Principal). Currently, he is a Director of Alvic Educational Consultancy (created 2006) providing school based consultancy support across schools and networks.

As an author Alan published ‘Searching For Hen’s Teeth (Poetry for children) in 2014 and has since released 'I Bet There's No Broccoli On The Moon' a follow up anthology of poetry. Alan's previous book, ‘Igniting Writing: When A Teacher Writes’ was published by Hawker Brownlow Education in 2011 and he has been a contributing author for numerous professional teaching resources.

In 2022 Alan will be presenting the annual Donald Grave’s address at the Australian Literacy Educator’s Association national conference in July in Darwin, a great honour for Alan and a tribute to his life’s work as an author and educator.

In this episode, Alan reveals powerful and practical insights for teachers. Tune in and utilise the resources listed below.

Enjoy, and let us know thoughts and feedback in our Facebook Group.

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