The Teacher's Tool Kit For Literacy

Part 2: Uncovering Podcast Gold: The Top 9

Episode Summary

In this podcast episode, expert literacy consultant Sharon Callen and team discuss the top nine most popular podcast episodes among their listeners. They provide a summary and insights into each episode, emphasising the value of these episodes for educators. Topics covered in the top five episodes include effective literacy teaching in high schools, differentiation, comprehension strategies, and the language experience approach. The hosts celebrate the contributions of their guests and reflect on the impact of their podcast over three years.

Episode Notes

In Episode 96 of the Teacher's Toolkit podcast, expert literacy consultant Sharon Callen and her team conduct a countdown of the top nine most listened-to episodes, and this time with a focus on the top five.

 At number five is a discussion about 'Effective Literacy Teaching in High Schools' (00:00:30) with Misty Adoniou, with a focus on discipline-specific writing skills. The episode highlights the importance of addressing student motivation in writing and the need for professional learning for teachers in this area.

 Number four on the list is an episode on the "Six Plus Traits of Writing," (00:06:42) emphasising the importance of teaching various writing traits beyond just structure, such as ideas, organisation, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions, and presentation. The hosts discuss how these traits enrich writing instruction and encourage students to excel in various forms of writing.

The third most popular episode is 'Differentiation: How Do We Achieve It' (00:13:18) with Rob Vingerhoets, highlighting the importance of providing every student with an entry point in learning tasks without setting a ceiling. The hosts discuss the value of flexible grouping and the significance of allowing students to learn from one another.

The second most listened-to episode is 'How to Teach Comprehension' (00:21:20) with Diane Snowball, emphasising the gradual release of responsibility in comprehension instruction and the integration of strategies, modelling, and active application by students.

 Finally, the most popular episode is 'The Language Experience Approach', (00:25:43) again with Diane Snowball, a method for creating personalised and engaging reading materials based on students' shared experiences. This approach allows students to read and illustrate their materials, promoting vocabulary development and comprehension skills.

Throughout the episode, the hosts celebrate the valuable insights and contributions from their guests over the years and express gratitude to their listeners. The episode serves as both a reflection on the podcast's journey and a guide for future content.

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