The Teacher's Tool Kit For Literacy

Part 2: High Impact Strategies for Struggling Readers, Years 3 to 6

Episode Summary

In the second part of the podcast series, Sharon Callen and Phil further explore the Reading 'workshop', with the example of teaching phrasing for struggling readers to enhance reading comprehension and engagement, especially for struggling readers. They advocate for explicit modelling, mini rehearsals, and feedback, promoting purposeful independent reading and individualised support, and fostering an inclusive classroom environment where every student can thrive.

Episode Notes

In the latest episode of our podcast series, Sharon Callen and her colleague Phil return to delve deeper into the transformative strategies of the Reading ‘workshop’. This time, they shine a spotlight on the power of phrasing, a crucial element of fluency that can revolutionise reading comprehension and engagement, especially for struggling readers.

Sharon kicks off the discussion with a passionate introduction to phrasing, emphasising its pivotal role in unlocking the meaning of text. Phrasing, she explains, involves grouping words together to create cohesive units, a technique marked by a distinctive line underneath known as a "scoop". It's a simple yet profound approach that can make all the difference in a student's reading journey.

But how do teachers effectively implement this strategy in their classrooms? That's where the magic of modelling and practice comes in. Sharon and Phil advocate for explicit modelling, where teachers select sentences and demonstrate how to identify and group words for enhanced comprehension. Through enlarged shared texts and engaging 'think aloud' sessions, teachers ensure that every student grasps the purpose and significance of phrasing.

The duo then explores the importance of mini rehearsals and feedback, providing students with valuable opportunities to practise phrasing with guidance from their teacher. Timely feedback and peer discussions reinforce learning and solidify comprehension, setting the stage for purposeful independent reading.

As students dive into their own books, armed with the newfound knowledge of phrasing, they discover a sense of ownership and autonomy in their reading process. 'Post It' notes become valuable tools for students to document examples of successful phrasing, reinforcing their understanding and boosting their confidence.

Throughout the podcast, Sharon and Phil underscore the importance of individualised support, whole-class engagement activities, and reflective practice, all of which contribute to creating an inclusive classroom environment where every student feels empowered to participate and succeed.

The Reading ‘workshop’ is a daily, high impact strategy that creates an inclusive classroom environment where all students, including struggling readers, feel empowered to participate and succeed and thrive. 

Stay tuned for future podcasts exploring additional strategies for supporting struggling readers.




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