The Teacher's Tool Kit For Literacy

Part 1: Shared Reading: An Essential Instructional Strategy

Episode Summary

Diane Snowball, a highly experienced educator in Australia, discusses the significance of Shared Reading in teaching young children to read. Shared Reading involves reading aloud whilst all children see the text, helping them develop critical literacy skills and a love for reading. The podcast explores suitable texts, and transitioning to independent reading, emphasising its value in comprehension and language development for diverse learners. It underlines the importance of teacher guidance and the lasting impact of Shared Reading on children's reading abilities and enthusiasm for learning.

Episode Notes

Part 1 of this podcast on Shared Reading features special guest, Diane Snowball, a highly experienced educator in Australia, with classroom teaching expertise and for many years providing professional development for teachers and educational leaders. Diane explores the concept of Shared Reading and its significance in teaching young children how to read.

Diane begins by discussing her recent experience working with Grade 1 teachers in Melbourne, specifically focusing on shared reading. She emphasizes the importance of shared reading as a fundamental teaching strategy that helps children develop their reading skills and understanding of print.

The conversation delves into various aspects of Shared Reading including what makes a text suitable for Shared Reading, the benefits of using rhyme, repetition, and rhythm in Shared Reading texts, and how children can transition from being read to by adults to reading independently. Diane highlights the role of Shared Reading in building children's comprehension skills and fostering their love for reading.

The podcast also touches on the practice of introducing a new text for Shared Reading and the role of the teacher in guiding children during this process. Diane emphasises that Shared Reading is not just about enjoyment but also serves as a powerful tool for teaching children how to read and understand written language.

Additionally, Diane discusses how Shared Reading can benefit children from diverse linguistic backgrounds, helping them learn English while also developing their reading and writing skills.

Shared Reading involves reading aloud to children while they see the printed text. The benefits of this approach are highlighted, particularly in helping children develop a one-to-one match between spoken words and printed text, a crucial concept in early literacy. 

The podcast emphasises the need for children to actively engage in reading by joining in with the text. Selecting appropriate books for Shared Reading is also a key consideration, ensuring that they are suitable for the children's reading abilities. The importance of keeping these books accessible in the classroom and reusing them for sustained periods is stressed. The ultimate goal is to make Shared Reading an enjoyable and engaging experience that motivates children to read more.

Overall, the podcast offers valuable insights into the importance of shared reading as a pedagogical approach in early childhood education, emphasizing its role in language development, comprehension, and fostering a lifelong love for reading and learning.




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