The Teacher's Tool Kit For Literacy

Part 1: High Impact Strategies for Struggling Readers, Years 3 to 6

Episode Summary

The podcast "High Impact Strategies for Struggling Readers, Years 3 to 6 – The Reading Workshop" (Part 1) delves into intentional reading sessions, focusing on teaching methods and the importance of quality literature in fostering reading growth for struggling readers. The Reading Workshop guides educators in creating effective lessons tailored to student needs, promoting engagement and growth. The podcast encourages educators to subscribe for further literacy insights and resources

Episode Notes

In this podcast episode, Sharon and Phil delve into strategies for teaching struggling readers, particularly focusing on students in years three to six. They emphasise the importance of addressing the needs of struggling readers while also catering to the diverse range of all readers in the classroom.

The discussion begins with Sharon highlighting the common questions teachers have about supporting struggling readers and the need for effective strategies to motivate students, facilitate growth, and access grade-level curriculum. They stress the importance of differentiation to meet the needs of all readers while ensuring growth and extension for each student.

Sharon and Phil discuss the concept of reading as thinking and emphasise the need for intentional teaching during reading sessions. They introduce the idea of a Reading Workshop model, which involves setting clear intentions, modelling reading strategies through thinking aloud, and providing opportunities for students to practise independently.

They also touch upon the significance of quality literature, the use of familiar texts from read-aloud sessions, and the incorporation of phrasing techniques to enhance comprehension. Throughout the discussion, Sharon and Phil underscore the importance of evidence-based approaches and the joy of teaching through thoughtful planning and engagement.

The podcast concludes with a preview of upcoming topics, including developing book selection strategies, incorporating read-aloud sessions, and implementing paired reading activities to further support literacy development.




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