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Latest Release Books with Genevieve Kruyssen

Episode Summary

Genevieve Kruyssen and Sharon Callen have a lively chat about a wide range of delicious new release children’s books to relish and how they can support F-6 teachers in the classroom

Episode Notes

Genevieve Kruyssen at the Where the Wild Things Are bookshop in Brisbane and literacy expert Sharon Callen chat about 18 new releases and how they can support teachers in the classroom. Sharon makes connections with the books for teachers, answering questions she often gets from them in schools

Some of the discussions are about:

Some of the books included in the chat are (see the books here: Booklist from the podcast)




The duo delve deeply into the themes, writing styles and impact of books and authors and how they can enhance teaching in the classroom - and much more!

Genevieve Kruyssen loves weird magic. Working in a bookstore has been a dream of hers since she was ten when she used to get in trouble for reading under her desk in class. Her most favourite books have lonely landscapes, whether they be moors, castles or windswept snows.

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