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Improving School Results Through Coaching With Bobbie Cameron

Episode Summary

Literacy expert Sharon Callen talks with education consultant Bobbie Cameron about how schools can improve teaching models to get better results.

Episode Notes

School leaders are always looking for new models and ways to get better teaching results. In the hope of finding a quick and easy fix, some will choose to adopt programs. But many of these 'out of the box' programs come with many limitations and often don't deliver on the promised fast results. Is there a better way?

As we explore this, we look to Melbourne where literacy and educational outcomes have been broadly excellent. This is where education consultant Bobbie Cameron has been making an impact. 

Bobbie began her career in education more than 15 years ago with a Bachelor of Education (Hons) and has a vast array of experience in the public education sector, firstly as a classroom teacher across all year levels, then a Leading Teacher and Assistant Principal.  Bobbie launched her successful consultancy in 2017 and hasn't looked back, and was one of the 2018 Master Literacy Trainers for BASTOW for the Melbourne/Maribyrnong Network.

In this episode, Bobbie joins Sharon and Phil to talk about:

And much more!

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Consistent Lesson Structure - Planner The Consistent Lesson Structure and Planner are effective literacy block planning tools using the 'Gradual Release of Responsibility' model. They allow for great flexibility when integrating all aspects of literacy - Reading, Writing and Word Work.

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