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Visual Artistry Unveiled: Teaching with Graphic Novels

Episode Summary

In this podcast, illustrator Greg Holfeld discusses challenges, techniques, and benefits of using graphic novels in education, providing tips for teachers and young illustrators.

Episode Notes

In this podcast episode, artist and illustrator Greg Holfeld joins the discussion on the use of graphic novels in education. Topics covered include the challenges for teachers in teaching with graphic novels, the terminology and history of graphic novels, and the features that make them an effective gateway to reading. 

The interplay between text and image, pagination techniques, and the decision-making process for artists are explored. The podcast also touches on the importance of storytelling and character design, as well as tips for young illustrators. The medium's impact on motivation for reading and writing is examined, along with the potential concerns of students solely relying on graphic novels. 

The episode concludes with recommendations for publishers and key tips for using graphic novels as both readers and writers in the classroom. Overall, this insightful conversation sheds light on the educational value of graphic novels and their role in engaging students in literacy.

Some topics discussed:

And much more!

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