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A Teacher’s Story: Teaching Vocabulary with Giselle Pulford

Episode Summary

Literacy experts Sharon and Phil Callen are joined by Giselle Pulford to tackle the tricky task of teaching vocabulary.

Episode Notes

Giselle Pulford is a year 6/7 teacher in the Adelaide Hills. She shares her insights, tools and lessons learned from her development of approaches to teaching vocabulary.

Teachers are looking for more ideas on teaching  vocabulary because it isn’t easy to teach, and it can be difficult to integrate with reading and writing and other areas of the curriculum.

Everyone agrees that an extensive vocabulary helps us share our thoughts and feelings with others more effectively. An extensive vocabulary is also central to reading comprehension. 

The larger a reader’s vocabulary, the easier it is for him or her to understand the meaning of a text (National Reading Panel 2000). 

In fact, decades of research has consistently found a deep connection between vocabulary knowledge, reading comprehension, and academic success (Baumann and Kame’enui 2002). 

We hope that this podcast will help you take your teaching of vocabulary to new levels.

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